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Field Services

GERS field Services include acceptance testing, commissioning and maintenance testing of protective devices and associated equipment at substations, power plants, industrial, commercial and health facilities.

Prior to energization, GERS will test system components in accordance with industry and manufacturers’ standards.

Our Field Services are performed on low, medium and high voltage systems.

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  • Protective devices set-up including operational logic.
  • Testing and calibration of protective devices.
  • SCADA testing.
  • Automation testing including standard 61850, and Modbus and DNP protocols.
  • Functional tests and support for startup.
  • Testing of transmission, distribution, and generation protection schemes.
  • As-built documentation.
  • On-site training.

  • DC insulation, meggering or hi-pot.
  • AC insulation, Power Factor (Tan Delta) or high potential.
  • Windings resistance.
  • Turns Ratio Test (TTR).
  • Load Tap Changers (LTC).
  • Testing and/or Commissioning of tap changer controllers and voltage regulators.
  • Testing and/or Commissioning of paralleling control devices.
  • Frequency response analysis FRA and SFRA.
  • Functional Testing.

  • Generators and Motors Testing
  • Exciters and AVRs
  • Power System Stabilizers (PSS)
  • Motor control systems

  • High and medium voltage circuit breakers static and dynamic testing
  • Transmission lines impedance metering.
  • Cables testing (VLF, hi-pot or power factor)
  • Disconnecting switches
  • Current transformers
  • Potential transformers
  • Low voltage circuit breakers testing
  • Surge arresters
  • Capacitors and reactors
  • DC systems including batteries, chargers, and UPS.
  • Busbars
  • Automatic circuit reclosers and line sectionalizers.

  • Testing of metering devices
  • Revenue meters testing
  • Audit of energy meters
  • Harmonic metering and analysis
  • Grounding metering and evaluations.

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